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.exe | cnc workshop

.exe cnc Workshop is a workshop that specializes in production of furniture and complex architectural forms for interiors. It was established in 2009 as a segment of .exe architectural studio, whose work predominantly involved projects in the field of architecture and interior design. Since its inception, .exe studio has been exploring the area of complex architectural forms, CAD and CAM technologies, 3D software, and their use in design. By integrating CNC routers in 2009, the studio brought some of its visions to life and started developing in the direction of manufacturing.

Over time, .exe cnc Workshop has grown into a production facility where various types of interior furniture elements are made, often requiring innovative approaches in fabrication due to their complexity. One of the main principles is to focus on materialising specific visions of designers, as well as maintaining high quality standards in accordance with different trends and materials.

Guided by these principles, .exe cnc Workshop successfully carries out projects of various scales, from residential and commercial to hotels and villas, collaborating with numerous domestic and international designers and architectural firms.

.exe cnc Workshop spans across 1500 m2 and consists of a team of 20 creative and qualified individuals in different segments of production, including design, processing, assembly, painting, and installation. In addition to Belgrade, .exe cnc Workshop has a representative office in Ulzen, Germany.

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