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Apartment 67

Vračar, Belgrade  2010.

Interior design: .exe studio

Photos: Milan Radovanović

Apartment 67 is located in one of the blocks in New Belgrade. All surfaces in the apartment are white, emphasizing the contrast of black and green elements. The central element in this interior is a large stained black cube made of veneered MDF, located between the living room and the kitchen and separates these two functional zones. The multifunctional cube is used as a TV shelf on one side, and as a kitchen element on the other. The kitchen is made of painted white MDF, while the worktop and sink are cast from green halo. Hexagonal structures penetrate the cube, they are also placed on the ceiling and wall. These hexagonal elements actually have three functions: shelves, lighting and masks and are made of my MDF and milky white clearite.


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